Our word for 2024 is definitely NOT Thunderbird

One word that will define the rest of your year. What word is it for you??

Santa's New and Improved Weight Loss Plan

Oh no - Santa wants advice on weight loss and starting a new health plan AGAIN. These are the weight loss tips I shared again this year.

When the birthday rewards start flowing

Be thankful and receive all the blessings that are coming your way - especially during your birthday!

Doing Something Different Today

What is your mindset around your fitness journey? This post is about encouraging you to have a positive fitness mindset.

Buckle Up Buttercup - you've got to get moving

Here it is, only 2 Sundays before Thanksgiving, and I am so far behind with everything.. It is time to buckle up and get prepared.

"I don't feel like it" is not an excuse

Telling yourself that you don't feel like it will NOT pay the bills.

Losing people is tough, but…

When someone younger than you that you have known for a long time goes up to glory, the feelings hit different. See what I mean in this post.

Yes Virginia, there IS such a thing as “field day for adults”

What you can learn from attending a “field day for adults” and how it applies to your fitness journey.

Upgrade Your Environment

Don’t be afraid of change. It may be what you need to totally transform your health for the better.

Have You Ever Wondered Why?

Are you the type of person to think about WHY you are doing the fitness program or eating the healthy food? If you are, then keep reading.


Grab This Low-Cost Resource

Dress up those boring salad plates with a POP of flavor - and less of the sugar and sodium you don't need. Find and prepare your next favorite salad dressing in this ebook. 

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