COVID-19 has snagged us

I guess it is our turn to have it. After 2+ years of dodging the COVID bullet, we found out yesterday that my husband has it. He tested positive and I’m negative but “exposed”.  He said that it could be one of two places where he contracted it: In one of his college classes, a student came up and told him he had COVID and he needed to quarantine. I could turn left and make this whole post about following directions, but we won’t go there. He’s the volleyball liaison and he had to ...

You Got It…Now Go Do It!

I see you, and you are such a pro at gathering  information. You have books (both free and paid) to help you combat your high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and share the power of unprocessed foods. You’re a member of at least 25 email lists that flood your inbox daily about how to take care of yourself with food and fitness. You can proudly show off a collection of healthy recipe books to your family and friends when they come over. You have the printouts & brochures ...

Alternatives to Bread: 6 Amazing Ideas to Try Right Now

Have you heard this before… “Bread can be healthy - it can be a good carb - you don't have to take it out of his diet.” I agree.  You don't HAVE to take bread out of the meal rotation. But do you know FOR SURE that your body can tolerate it? There is a substance in many breads called gluten. Gluten is the name for the proteins found in wheat, that assists various foods in maintaining their shape, like a “glue” that holds food together. However, many bodies are sensitive to this ...

What Is That Thing You Are Holding Back That Could Transform Everything?

I am sharing old blog posts from my now closed Wordpress blog. This one made me think this past weekend, and I hope it does the same for you: Journaling time is very personal.
 It allows you to sit with your thoughts and figure out what positives you want to see in your world. Journaling also allows you to vent, rant, and say whatever you need to say without anxiety or fear of retaliation. I believe that hundreds of thousands of "beefs" between friends or loved ones can be settled if the two ...

When It’s Time To Upgrade, Go Big

Have you met the folks who upgrade things in their home, and they go bigger than what they first planned?  Yeah, if you haven't, now you have. Team Winchester are those folks - sigh.   Now don't get me wrong. Upgrading for us was a huge benefit and we are both glad that we did it. We (really me) wasn't expecting to do all of this so soon after Christmas. But after it happened, we were very pleased. When our video game system (that was running the entire entertainment connection) died ...

5 Delicious, Healthy, Yet Instant Snack Ideas that Fight High Blood Pressure

Let's sit for a moment and have a talk concerning healthy snacking with nagging high blood pressure issues, shall we? 
When you have high blood pressure, it means that your heart is working a LOT harder to push blood through your body. Doing this for a great length of time taxes your entire body, not just your heart. The American Heart Association shares that undetected or uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead a person to experience vision problems, kidney issues, increased risk of heart ...

Fighting The Devil In The Mirror

I was looking for a way to relaunch my blog after some unfortunate circumstances got rid of my previous blog and most of the posts within. I was considering what I should share and how I could be the most help to everyone who reads the posts here. Honestly, all I can be is me, and at the end of the day, you will enjoy what I share, or you will find someone else to follow. it is kind of incredible that we get much done these days. There is always someone else to blame for all of the problems we ...


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