Your Best Laid Plans

With a plan, you know what to do and most times have an idea of how to get it accomplished. Having a plan is like having a map - you know where to go.  It’s also important to remember that sometimes we make plans that don’t always come into fruition. Read more in this blog post.

Out of the blue, here comes the Calvary

Sometimes all you need is an assist when things get overwhelming.

The Wrong Wall of Fitness

Some people are driving themselves hard for health and fitness goals in their lives that are not truly part of who they are. Are you doing the same with your health and fitness?

You Aren't Hungry Enough

Can you truly say that you are HUNGRY for the weight loss results you want? If you are, then this post is for you.

Don't let THIS hold you back

What you want to stay away from could be the answer to ALL of your silent prayers. Don't let this thing hold you back, please.

How to Design a Healthier Staycation

How are you spending staycation this year? Let’s look at some ways to make it healthier.

Tame that Tongue! Ways To Control What Goes In Your Mouth

It is important to be strong enough to tame our tongues, not only taming the words we speak, but also hindering the foods we allow to pass over it.

When a funeral can bring out the worst

Some days are GREAT days. But some days can bring out the WORST. It's your choice (in fitness and in life) to respond differently when everything seems like it is a losing situation.

Fill-ins Are NOT Enough Anymore

The potholes in our lives need to be addressed right now, and not with that "fill-in" mess, because it does not work. Find out what really works.

Wait…you woke up…like THIS?!?

So very thankful for my Apple Watch. It clued me in to this unbelievable experience and made me more mindful about my own health.


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