Have You Ever Wondered Why?


I love watching and listening to little kids.


First of all, they are BRUTALLY honest. You can't ask them to keep their mouth shut because they say things at the most inconvenient times. Most times they will tell someone what you said about them and make things awkward. I remember how I used to be when I was tiny, and I feel sorry for my future kids. So if you do not want it repeated, then do not say it in their presence.


Second, kids are fearless. They are in a phase where no one has told them that they cannot do it. So by the time you say, "Baby, that can't be done", 9 times out of 10 they have already done it and moved on to the next thing. That is why I love parents who tell their minis to go for it, and that anything is possible. That permission opens doors in the minds of children that no one can shut.


But what I love most of all is how inquisitive kids are.


Most parents who get tired and frustrated with all the "why" questions will snap at their kids and force them to stop. I was one of those who didn't like to get in trouble, so when I was told to stop asking questions, I shut up. But the questions still swirled around in my head. My grandma always welcomed questions, and would tell my parents that I'm just trying to figure out this big old world and that is how my brain operates to learn things - through questions.

Smart woman.


If you have ever wondered why things are how they are, know that you have an inquisitive nature, too, and your love of learning hasn't died out yet. Keep asking those questions that you need to know. If you can't find someone to answer them, realize that Google is your friend.


Even in health and fitness, I don't know everything that there is to know, but I am willing to ask questions and find out the answers. I'm not where I need to be, but truly grateful for the ability to figure it out.


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