Upgrade Your Environment


I'm such a non-plant grower.


Yes, I admit it. Your health partner has a black thumb and plants get murdered in my care. 90% of the time, I have no idea what happened to make the plant die. It's so sad, especially since my grandma was an incredible gardener and my mama was able to keep plants alive for months and years. I think that skill just passed me by, you know?


I will say that I have three succulents that are hanging in there since 2020, so I am proud of that. (And yes, I hear you die- hard garden lovers say, "Clarissa, succulents are no-brainers to keep alive.")


I have a plant - not sure what the name of the plant is, but it's got big yellow leaves with green on them - that was on the brink of death just yesterday. The leaves were drooping like they were sick, the smaller branch was looking sickly, and the whole plant was leaning to the side. I felt bad that it was about to die, being another notch in this black thumb's killer portfolio. I wanted to put it in a bigger pot, but I had not seen anything that I liked at Lowe's or Home Depot.


My mama and I were talking about this plant, and she said, "Listen. You need to get your plant out of that black container it came in. It needs to be repotted as soon as you can - it was not meant to stay in that pot for too long."


Yesterday, I went and got some additional potting soil to add to what I already had. I already had a slightly bigger pot at home. It wasn't too much bigger than the black container the plant came in, but it would do for the immediate repotting.


I added potting soil to the bottom of the bigger pot, then I slid the plant out of its black container. I saw that the dirt was a little damp from the last watering, but the roots had grown around the outside and were sticking together. I broke that up a bit with the small shovel and placed it in the bigger pot on top of the new soil. I added more soil to the pot to help the plant stand up. Then I watered it really well. I let it drain before I put it back on the kitchen counter near the window (where it was sitting before).


This morning, I got up to help my husband get prepared to leave, and was surprised at what I saw.


The plant that was drooping and leaning and on the brink of death yesterday? It was standing up tall, leaves standing up ready for sunlight, and looking NOTHING like it did just 12 hours prior.


What a difference a change in environment can make, am I right?


If it can do that for a plant...imagine what a positive change in environment can do for you and for your health. It can transform everything in less time than you realize. Now I am not saying that upgrading your environment will fix all your problems immediately. What I am saying is that if you continuously make an effort to do more to change what surrounds you, your confidence will lift, and your health will be positively affected.


Reach out to me if your health environment desperately needs an upgrade.



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