In-Between Seasons

Being in the “in-between” times, sometimes it can be frustrating because we have made progress. What do we do?

When Fighting for Survival, Remember This....

Hopefully, fighting for your health and surviving your weight loss journey won't be like a season of "Naked and Afraid".

The Unpopular Truth About Responsibility

There is a truth about responsibility that cannot be denied, but once you deal with it, it makes things easier. Hopefully you can learn from my mistake.

The Team You Should ACTUALLY Be Rooting For

No matter who you are rooting for today, there is one team you actually need to cheer on to victory. What team, you ask?? Keep on reading….

This Is Your Fight Song

It’s February. You have given up on yourself. It is time to pull out your own “Fight song”.

Nourishing Yourself on a Budget

Things are going downhill FAST. I know they have been saying this starting back in 2015 or 2016. It is past time for the economic bubble to burst. The signs are all over the place, and I just heard about an executive order that will signal the end of the regular dollar and the institution of the "digital dollar" I'm nervous about what is to come for us, but I digress. We need to get our pantries and refrigerators prepared for the issues society will be facing and have enough for several months ...

Life is Short- Eat Dessert First

Big news, mindset work, staying motivated, and a favorite dessert recipe

The Power Within

It’s story time, so sit back and read on. I was talking to a friend yesterday and we were talking about the happenings of the previous day. Girlfriend had not gone to sleep (only a quick nap) but she was running on adrenaline. I was sitting there , listening with amazement at what was going on. She shared all the drama that happened, which was a LOT. Then, she told me that her friend, in the midst of all of the drama that was happening, said these 4 words that meant a bunch to me, too: I ...

After Surgery Healing Plan

Today is 14 days post-surgery. (Well, if you hear my mama’s take, it is actually later this  morning.)  From what I can tell, I am healing well. I am taking antibiotics to treat something in the surgery wound,. Getting up and sitting down still hurts. Bending over is a hard no right now. I cannot lift anything over 5 pounds, still cannot do stairs, and given the okay ONLY to walk around more than I was when I first got home. My next doctor appointment is next week so we will see ...

Same Me in 2023?

Happy New Year!  It’s my hope and prayer that you and your family be blessed and receive everything you deserve in this new year. I have been watching all these videos talking about since we are in a brand new year, then we have 365 brand new chances (Lord willing) to make our dreams reality. I also see the “New Year New You” slogans everywhere. I enjoy this time of year because of the “reset” that is happening in people’s minds. Let me ask this ...


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