Rewrite Your Health Story - Clarissa Winchester Buckle Up Buttercup - you've got to get moving

Buckle Up Buttercup - you've got to get moving


The holidays are here.


And your girl is starting to panic.


11 days until Thanksgiving, and 43 days until Christmas - with 50 days before we hit a brand new year.


I am supposed to be cool, calm, and collected this time of year. Normally, I would have several things stashed away for Christmas that I have heard my husband, my mama, and my in-laws say they would like to have. I also would be in the throes of making something for family or doing something special for my hairstylist. I am also doing something for a wonderful charity called "Soldier's Angels" this year - putting together holiday stockings for the troops. As of the other day, they still needed help reaching their goal. You can participate here.


I would also be purchasing the items we would need for our Thanksgiving meal so that when the day comes, we can relax and enjoy.


Instead, here it is, only 2 Sundays before Thanksgiving, and I haven't even started getting food for my favorite holiday of the year.


What in the world is going on here?


I need to get it together - LOL!


There is a really peaceful feeling when you get started early and you get done early with the things that you need to get done. You know you have gotten everything to a point where you can stop and enjoy the season. You can drive through neighborhoods and see the lights. You can listen to carols being played on your favorite radio stations. You can even get settled in with popcorn and watch your favorite holiday movies with no stress (come through with the "It's a Wonderful Life" and "National Lampoon" marathons, and of course, the best Christmas movie, "Die Hard").


So many people do not get a chance to enjoy because they are rushing and racing to get things done - like I started doing today.


My encouragement for you today?


Stop panicking, buckle down, and get your list going. Making sure that you have things listed out will help you take action. You may not be starting your prep work early enough for your tastes, but at least you are doing SOMETHING toward the things you need to do.


And please make sure that something for you is on the list. You've been good, my friend.


Now if you'll excuse me, I need to move a few list items to tomorrow's to-do list before I go to sleep tonight.




Your partner in late starts,



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