Rewrite Your Health Story - Clarissa Winchester "I don't feel like it" is not an excuse

"I don't feel like it" is not an excuse


Pull up a chair. 


It’s been a rough few days for me -  like really rough. 


 I get up in the mornings on hardly any sleep and I get the house ready to get out of the house. Then  I get myself ready and I have to fly out of the house because of early morning meetings at work. These early morning meetings at work (that you think would last an hour)  torn into four, five, or six hour long meetings,  and it’s not fun. We are working like crazy,  trying to fix errors, trying to solve problems, and trying to get ourselves out of doing meetings like this in the first place. 


Then, after spending all day with my mind working hard,  I come home and have to continue working hard mentally because of other things that are happening in our home.  


Oh goodness, it’s a lot. 


But stop for a minute and let me tell you something. When you have a goal that you’re trying to reach, you don’t use the excuse,  “Well I don’t feel like it.”  Listen, there are other people in this world who are doing a whole lot more than you are with a whole lot less than you have. 


You’ve got to believe that you possess the fire inside of you. You’ve got what it takes to get things done, even though you may have had the day from hell. You’ve got what it takes to get your goals achieved. 


Now, I can use that excuse that I don’t feel like it after all the things that I had to go through during the day plus all of the things that I had to go through in the evening -  that excuse could be totally valid for me. My mind is exhausted,  my body is exhausted, and I just don’t feel like it. There is a huge problem with that. Saying  the words “ you don’t feel like it” or “you just don’t have the time anymore” -  that’s not gonna get you to your goal. That’s not going to help you achieve what you want to achieve. That’s  not going to pay the bills. That’s  not going to get the weight off your body. That’s not going to get the relationships built that you’re trying to build. Words are not going to help you at all.  







So stop sitting there saying “you don’t feel like it”. Turn your mind around and change what you say. 


Here’s to getting up 


Here’s  to going after your dreams,  knowing for a fact  that you don’t feel like it -  but it’s got to get done and you have to be the one to do it. 


Everyone needs a little help, a little push forward. If you need it, allow me to be here to help you. I’m here to push forward through your obstacles and roadblocks  and I’m here to celebrate your overcoming. Shut down the feeling because it isn’t helping your success. 


(I am talking to myself too.) 

Your partner in feeling like a winner, 



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