Flavor Your Salad Healthy

When someone asks if you eat healthy, do you respond "Yes, I eat salads daily"?

You aren't alone. Most adults would answer the same way.....


Salads save time in the kitchen, can contain any combination of vegetables and fruits, and be amazing - if you take the time to create them that way. The problem is that we do all this work to make our salads healthy and delicious, but then dump a bunch of salad dressing on top that is full of salt and sugar. That's not how healthy eating is supposed to work.

Let's stop the nonsense of pouring store-bought dressings (loaded with fat, salt, and sugar) over the top!!

BuzzFeed talks about ways to make your salad POP, and they mention making your own dressings.

If you are ready to grab the bull by the horns and create vinaigrettes that will have you falling in love with veggies in a bowl, then this e-book is 100% for you. Use this short recipe e-book to make 11 delicious vinaigrettes, ones that your family (and your salad) will be excited about.

Your greens will dance when you dress them up with Chili Lime Vinaigrette, or Lemon Pepper Vinaigrette, or one of the other fruity or savory salad dressings available here.

Take your pick, save some money, and eat more greens!

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