"Thank You" is NEVER enough


First of all - if you are a veteran, I want to wish you a very happy Veterans Day. We appreciate your service more than you know.

I have veterans in my family (Army, Navy, and Marines). Many of them shared stories over the years of how they were promised things if they served their country and when they went to “cash in”, they faced obstacle after obstacle. It was insane to hear how veterans - the ones who fought for our country so we can have the things that we do - were being mistreated.

The beautiful thing?

Each of them that shared all their stories of hardship said that they were proud to fight for our country and would make the same decision again if they had another chance.

Things are better in 2022 for vets, but still nowhere near what they should be.

Simple stuff such as basic medical care can be hard for a veteran to receive. And it all has to do with paperwork and red tape. Veterans come back and find themselves homeless after fighting enemies for years of their lives. They deal with PTSD alone in a lot of cases. Vets are more susceptible to suicide than any other group out here. And it makes no sense to me that veterans are “used to this mistreatment”. It's still not right in my eyes. 

Anyway, I pray that you know how appreciative most Americans are of your service.

My veterans probably already have this list (and know exactly where they are going today), but if not, I pray you allow others to be of service to you today. Thank you for fighting for our freedom. We owe you so much more than these free meals and discounts.


Your coach,


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