Shedding Dead Weight


One thing I have noticed about this health journey we are on - we don't JUST shed body weight.

  • Yes, we get excited about the numbers going down on the scale.
  • Yes, we are thankful that we are feeling stronger and more energetic.
  • Yes, we get happy about our doctors being impressed with our newfound health.
  • Yes, we are relieved when we don't have to take certain prescriptions anymore.

But let me tell you.

The transformation you get...isn't just a physical one.

I have found that when I started caring about my physical self, other things popped up for me to improve.

I shed the weight from my mind. I began thinking more positively and with a healthy outlook. Working out and eating better made me think more clearly. Bonus!!

I shed the weight from my environment. I had too much stuff (most that I had not looked at in YEARS) and it was all over the place. Working out and eating health made me want to eliminate the clutter. I donated old things that others could use and tossed the rest. It also made me go through and organize what was left. Again, Bonus!!

I shed the weight from my relationships. (Now this one was a tricky one.) I had to have some "come to Jesus" meetings with some folks in my life. I had to share what I felt needed to change. For those who either didn't want to change or chose to stay negative, I sadly had to prune them out. Working out and eating healthy helped me to be brave enough for these conversations. Yep - you guessed right - BONUS!!

So don't think that this health journey is only about your body getting better. It's about everything that is connected to you and all of the changes that will happen in those areas too. 

It is nowhere near easy to shed this dead weight in your life, but it is 100% worth it, and I can show you how to do that. All you need to do is sign up for "Design Your Next Chapter".


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