Same Me in 2023?


Happy New Year!  It’s my hope and prayer that you and your family be blessed and receive everything you deserve in this new year.

I have been watching all these videos talking about since we are in a brand new year, then we have 365 brand new chances (Lord willing) to make our dreams reality. I also see the “New Year New You” slogans everywhere.

I enjoy this time of year because of the “reset” that is happening in people’s minds.

Let me ask this question, though.

What if things were going well last year? Why would you want to stop that momentum?  If that were the case, then your particular slogan would be “Same me in 2223”, right??

Please don’t think this is something new and has never happened before. 
Right now, I have several customers who are dropping pounds and inches already. They are going for that last push in 2023 and are not even considering “the do-over”.  
It makes no sense for me as their coach to talk about going for something new. My job will be to remind them of what they want and how far they have to go.

The word of the year for them would be simple and powerful, and that word would be “Onward!”

if you are still working on those goals from 2022, them my message to you is to keep moving forward, without starting over again. If you are needing to maintain the great momentum from 2022, then again, my message to you is that you better not stop doing what works.

Once I heal from surgery and the doctor releases me, I will be doing one of the 20 minute workouts to help me get back into the swing of things. You are more than welcome to join me.


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