Design Your Next Chapter

The FIRST question

that I ask my customers

may surprise you…


It is strange, but this question can bring out both the best and the worst in people. This question brings clarity to the situation and can help someone gain an entirely new perspective.  This question sheds light on the truth.

What is this question?

"What are you currently doing for your fitness and nutrition?"

You see, as an online fitness coach and  health partner,  I want to know what my customers do in a typical day, so we can establish a baseline - a place to start and build. However, asking this specific question has made some people angry. They have to look at themselves in this moment and see what's not working, or even worse, where they are slacking. Sad to say, but several have gotten angry enough to walk away from the solution to their problem.

In this interactive working session, "Design Your Next Chapter", we will sit with this question and talk about it from several angles.  

We will also create a blueprint for exactly how you need to approach your health journey

We will talk about the workouts that will help your body the most

We will figure out the foods that will nourish your body for the goals you are working toward

We will even work with your doctor to make sure you are getting the best multivitamin and supplements 

After you complete this course, you will walk away with everything you need to transform your health and bring results - if you put in the work.

It all starts with your decision. 

What do you decide?

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Healthy Chapter Design Session

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