Birthday Month Activated


It's Birthday Month for Yours Truly.

When I was younger, I was looking through our family Bible. Most families in our neighborhood had those big Bibles that were sitting on our coffee tables. In them, there was a section where the family tree was listed. There were several lines for name, birth, death, and baptism. Our Bible was special because ours had several pages of pictures that correspond to the parables and stories.

At the time,,there were 3 in our family - Daddy, Mama, and me. 

When I looked at our family tree, I was surprised to see three additional entries there. There were two entries before my name, and one entry after my name. My first thought was who are these other people? 

Then I kept reading, and found out that I would not have been an only child. 

Baby boy 1 was stillborn.

Baby boy 2 lived 3 months and passed.

Then therevwas me, 4 pound 5.5 ounce preemie.

Baby boy 3 was miscarriage. 

I did not recognize (until I got older) how  significant this was. I made it. Me. I am still here. With a purpose bigger than me and a drive to be great.

So to honor my birthday (in 4 days), I will be doing a birthday sale in MemberVault on all my programs. I'll be posting more on this soon, so be ready on 12/5!

Let me help you to win!


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