After Surgery Healing Plan


Today is 14 days post-surgery. (Well, if you hear my mama’s take, it is actually later this  morning.) 

From what I can tell, I am healing well. I am taking antibiotics to treat something in the surgery wound,. Getting up and sitting down still hurts. Bending over is a hard no right now. I cannot lift anything over 5 pounds, still cannot do stairs, and given the okay ONLY to walk around more than I was when I first got home.

My next doctor appointment is next week so we will see if anything has changed then.

Of course, my customers are asking me about the food I am eating while I can’t do much.

Right now, I am off the healthy eating train. My coworkers have been bringing food over and sending money and gift cards for dinner time. I am not refusing any food that I receive. We are eating soul food, jambalaya, and casseroles, and they are delicious.   I am blessed to work with the group I work with - they are great people.. My husband brings in lunches when we do not have time to make something at home. We are not as intentional, but we do what we can do.

Eating well and being healthy requires that you set an intention. What are you planning to accomplish?? When you are healing from surgery or something traumatic though,  you need to give yourself some grace, BUT you also need to take the baby steps toward that intention, no matter how small. When? Take a cue from  Steve.Harvey:, “How about TODAY?”

Giving myself grace while my body heals - that is my after surgery healing plan.

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