“Every Day Is A Gift”


Good Morning,

I’m laying here, barely 24 hours after surgery. The nurse came and took my vitals and drew blood and I couldn’t get back to sleep. My husband is asleep on the sofa near me. So I decided to take a few minutes to write before the doctor arrives to talk to us.

I was listening to my business mentor share some thoughts this morning. He was telling us how to wrap up 2022 and get to work on 2023. He had a LOT of gold nuggets in his talk, but the two questions that hit me the most this morning were:

  • What does ultimate failure look like for you?
  • What will make it okay for you to handle?

I think (at least for the second question, I would respond that every single day is a gift. I am still here after major surgery. I am blessed with an amazing man who sticks by me through thick and thin. I am working with a fun and intelligent group of people who keep me on my toes. I have family members all over the place who care for me.  I have a home to go home and heal in. When I am released by the doctor, I can start my at-home exercise regimen again. I have this side hustle that continues to bring money into our house exactly when it is needed. 

I literally can go on and on.

You know that counting your blessings and seeing the good not only helps your mental state, it helps energize your physical body too. You are more prone to take action when you know the reasons why. 

Even on your weight loss journey, rewriting your health story is more likely to happen and give you the results you want. Now I’m not talking about those extreme results like 50 pounds in 5 days. I’m talking about more realistic goals, like 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

Consider what will happen in a failure situation for you. Will you have to depend on the medical system the rest of your life? Will you have to worry about your kids and who will care for them if something drastic happens to you?  What about doing things you take for granted, like washing yourself, getting dressed, and other simple tasks you take for granted?

No matter what happens next year, we both MUST always come back to those things that make us wANT - no, NEED - to put ourselves first. resize it will be okay


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